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Kay Goldstein, M.A.


Kay Goldstein, MA (Clinical Psychology) has enjoyed a multifaceted career that includes:

Author/Writer/Poet: Star Child (Vineyard Stories), a spiritual fairy tale for adults and young adults. (Winner of a 2013 Nautilus Book Award) and A Book Of Feasts, Stories and Recipes from American Celebrations, (James Beard Award nominee), and editor for Zagat Restaurant Guides. Meditation teacher: Drawn from her own practice of almost 25 years, Kay teaches from many traditions and philosophies including Taoism, Mindfulness, and Western psychotherapy.

Chef/entrepreneur: founder of award-winning Proof of the Pudding, Atlanta’s first gourmet takeout store/restaurant and catering business offering innovative American and fusion foods.

Kay is married to Buck Goldstein and has two grown children. She divides he time between Chapel Hill, NC and Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

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