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Kathleen Baty


Kathleen Baty is an author, journalist, motivational speaker and CEO of SafetyChick Enterprises. Caring about your personal safety translates into every aspect of your life. Learning to live with strength, courage, and common sense is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. With this motto, SafetyChick Enterprises was born.

Kathleen was the victim of a kidnap attempt at knife-point by an obsessive stalker. She decided to use her hard-won knowledge and trial-by-fire skills as a lesson for women everywhere. If she could prevent just one woman from becoming a crime victim, like herself, it would all be worth it!

Teaming with U.S Congressman Ed Royce, they set out to change the system. Within a few months, Congressman Royce and Kathleen played a key role in the passage of the first national anti-stalking law. They now actually have a law that can prevent more serious crimes from happening. Kathleen has gladly assumed her role as a dedicated and articulate victims’ rights advocate. Her recent book, College Safety 101: Miss Independent's Guide to Empowerment, Confidence and Staying Safe (Chronicle Books) can be found on Amazon.com and Book Stores everywhere.

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