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Jacob Engel

In 2010 Jacob M. Engel started his own Leadership and training organization, Yeda LLC, which actively gives seminars and courses to entrepreneurs and business owners. Now Yeda LLC does mostly consulting and training for organizations that are looking to implement best of class leadership and management practices.

Jacob is author of the new book, The Prosperous Leader and is a Certified Myers Briggs evaluator, Certified 7 Habits for highly effective people facilitator, Certified Positive Psychology coach and trained with Roy Cammarano, Author and Consultant on his Entrepreneurial Transitions theory. Previously Jacob was the COO of a 200MM family food and real estate enterprise.

Posts by Jacob Engel:

  • Podcast: The Prosperous Leader

  • January 30th, 2015
    Listen Here: Jacob Engel is a business consultant and positive psychology coach who combines his expertise in running a 200 million dollar family business with positive psychology. He is author of The Prosperous Leader, which [...]