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George Parrish

George Parrish is a Mentor/Advisor, StartUp Entrepreneur, sits on the Board of Advisors to 10 StartUps in the Bay Area, is a Mentor to another dozen StartUps, and has a background in the Enterprise Software Sales Business Vertical, Marketing and Business Development pro, Public Speaker, and President/Founder of ConsultantsGP.

George has been in the Technology Vertical for over 20 years, and the StartUp Vertical for the last 10. Although not an author yet, but he has published a series of articles on LinkedIn, and is currently a judge at various Pitch Events (similar to the TV show Shark Tank) around the Bay Area.

Posts by George Parrish:

  • Podcast: Confessions of a StartUp Mentor

  • June 5th, 2015
    Listen Here: Startup Mentor and Advisor, George Parrish is the Founder and President of ConsultantsGP. George sits on the board of advisors of 10 startups and mentors another dozen. He’ll give an inside look into [...]