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Esther Cohen


Esther Cohen has worked for Bob Marley, ran Bread and Roses, a national non-profit for workers, taught Good Stories in several colleges, ran writing workshops with workers around the country, started a project called Unseenamerica, and published five books. One of the ways she earns her living is as a book doctor – helping people who want to write books to write them. She's worked on a few hundred books, and her last novel Book Doctor Counterpoint tells that story. Her most recent book, God is a Tree, is a collection of poems about getting older Pleasure Boat.

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Posts by Esther Cohen:

  • Getting Older

  • September 24th, 2018
    Becoming a senior Everyone is younger and thinner than I am, I turned 65 this summer. I couldn’t even say the sentence out loud, couldn’t say the word Medicare in a public space. From a purely linguistic perspective, [...]

  • Love Story

  • October 11th, 2012
    I’ve collected love stories all my life. My Roumanian grandmother, my occasional childhood roommate, a natural narrator, was the first to tell me hers. She loved only once, the wrong handsome man. They married, had [...]