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Debra Eve, M.A.


Debra Eve received her M.A. in Anthropology from UCLA, where she was the last graduate assistant to archaeomythologist Marija Gimbutas, a colleague of Joseph Campbell. She helped bring Dr. Gimbutas' final work, The Living Goddesses to press.

Debra is proud late bloomer and possessor of many passions. At 36, she became an archaeologist. At 42, a martial arts instructor. At 46, she married the love of her life. Now she writes about fellow late bloomers while plotting her next grand adventure.

Debra's ebook, Later Bloomers: 35 Folks Over Age 35 Who Found Their Passion and Purpose, recently became a #1 Kindle Motivational bestseller. She blogs at LaterBloomer.com and is currently finishing the second Later Bloomers book.

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Posts by Debra Eve, M.A.:

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