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Debra Brown Gordy

Debra Brown Gordy, MS MRET is the Women's Spiritual Life & Relationship Mentor, and visionary founder of The Sophia Women’s Institute. She is passionate about guiding accomplished women professionals who hunger for more love and deep fulfillment to create loving marriages and personal fulfillment along with their career success. Debra is the author of the forth-coming book, Cinderella Wisdom: A Woman’s Quest for Freedom, Happiness and Lasting Love, and the creator of numerous deeply transformative programs including her sought-after flagship program Freeing the Heroine Within You to Flourish.

Posts by Debra Brown Gordy:

  • Podcast: Secrets to the Feminine Art of a Beautiful Life

  • February 16th, 2015
    Listen Here: Debra Brown Gordy MS MRET is a Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Mentor and founder of The Sophia Women’s Institute where she works with accomplished female professionals who hunger for more love and [...]