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Damon Nailer

"Multifaceted", "passionate", and "skilled" all describe Damon “DaRil” Nailer. A New Orleans native, DaRil wears many hats. Among them are motivational speaker, music producer, author, talk show host, and business owner.

As a speaker he has conducted over 250 speaking engagements in a variety of settings such as schools (elementary, junior high, high, and college), business seminars conferences, workshops, religious institutions, and juvenile correctional facilities; as a music producer he has produced 6 musical projects; as an author he has written two eBooks and one nonfictional book; as a talk show host he serves as the commentator of Motivating the Multitudes formerly known as Motivating the Masses, and last, but not least, he serves as the owner of Expert Cleaners, Inc. janitorial service.

Because of his diversity of gifts and wealth of experience, Damon is able to effectively inspire and educate any audience. As a result of his tremendous accomplishments, he's been featured over 60 times in or on the following: TV shows, podcasts, radio shows, newspapers, magazines, and various online publications.

Posts by Damon Nailer:

  • Podcast: Track Your Treasure

  • Track Your TreasureJuly 6th, 2016
    Listen Here: Damon Nailer is an Inspirational Communicator who has served as a dynamic speaker for over 20 years and an author for more than a decade, his latest two inspirational eBooks The Great Taste of Success and A [...]