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Christie Walker

Christie Walker, one of the owners of Urban Adventure Quest, an interactive scavenger hunt adventure, grew up with her sister and two brothers. The family went on vacation but camped to keep expenses down. Extra activities such as horseback riding, which came with a per person price tag, were rare treats. As an adult with children of her own, Christie finally understood her parents’ dilemma. What can you do with a large family that keeps everyone engaged but doesn’t break the bank? Creating Urban Adventure Quest was the perfect way to offer an affordable solution to families like her own.

Posts by Christie Walker:

  • Podcast: Engaging Family Activities For All Ages

  • December 26th, 2013
    Listen Here: When planning a family vacation or even a fun activity for a Saturday afternoon, how do parents make sure cries of, “I’m bored” or “This is lame” don’t ruin the day for everyone?  Museums may [...]