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Carol Weisman

Carol Weisman, the President of Board Builders, is an internationally known speaker, trainer and consultant. Carol specializes in volunteerism, fund raising and governance. She has worked with a wide range of clients from Sing Omaha to the National Council of Voluntary Organization in London England to the Bermuda Health Care Foundation. She has served on 40 boards and has been president of 9.

Carol has published extensively on fundraising, governance and philanthropy. Her 11th book Becoming One of the Grateful Dead: Where There is a Will There is a Way, is hot off the press. She has promised to stop telling her husband that what she is working on is her last book.

Carol has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. Carol was a pediatric oncology and hematology social worker at St. Louis Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital National Medical Center.

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