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Bill Hobbs


Bill Hobbs' career in consultative selling began in 2001 just as the Dot Com bubble was imploding. Since then, he has sold hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services, conducted thousands of sales calls, and managed successful Fortune 500 sales teams. Bill has won the top performance awards in two Fortune 500 companies, is a co-inventor with an active patent, a speaker, advisor and an avid writer. He understands the unique challenges that business professionals face every day because he has been there. From interviewing new employees to his experience as a P&L manager and coach, Bill’s books are packed with practical and effective strategies and tactics.

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Posts by Bill Hobbs:

  • From A Cold Call To A Warm Lead

  • May 1st, 2013
    5 steps for a successful first meeting. My friend Joy recently told me about a great first meeting she had with a new client in Asia.  I asked her why she thought it went so well, and she said, “The client and I really [...]