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Barbara Barnes

Barbara Barnes is a Washington, DC resident and the author of the book: Pretty Ugly - How Low Self- Esteem Almost Ruined My Life. She is also the CEO and founder of E.Y.E.S. Evolution, a self-esteem/self-empowerment group dedicated to aiding women in achieving self-esteem that is vital to their overall well-being and growth. She currently has two support groups in Washington, DC. She is a certified Law of Attraction Coach and is a Life Coach and an inspirational speaker. Barbara believes that her own story serves as a testament that pain can be healed. Pretty Ugly – How Low Self-Esteem Almost Ruined My Life is a book that was birthed out of the passion and perseverance of Barbara Marie Barnes' real life experiences.

Fueled by her desire to help others and communicate the message of how to overcome even when trials of life seem to overtake you. Ms. Barbara Barnes created a literary piece to help women of all ages take their rightful place in life. Pretty Ugly contains the expanded contents of its title telling story after story on how pretty life can be at times. If you ever felt out of place in this world or pretty ugly, then this book is for you.

Posts by Barbara Barnes:

  • Podcast: How Low Self Esteem Can Ruin Your Life

  • July 31st, 2013
    Listen Here: Life Coach, Barbara Barnes, is the author of Pretty Ugly: How Low Self-Esteem Almost Ruined My Life and discusses how her low self-esteem, that she developed in childhood, impacted her life. Find out [...]