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Will The Lunar Eclipse Make You Nuts?

The Lunar Eclipse on April 25, at 5 degrees of Scorpio, will be a marker of where you are with your desires and owning up to your responsibilities.

Not only that, but the planet Saturn–that represents authority, karma, discipline, denial, and stop-signs–is also in the seductive and powerful aura of Scorpio. Kind of like extra whipped cream on humble pie. What does it mean for each sign?

Lunar and Solar Eclipses usually occur in tandem–two weeks apart–every six months. These celestial orbs aren’t planets, but they hold great sway over our thoughts and feelings. Without the Sun, we’d freeze. Without our Moon, we’d tumble out of orbit as tsunamis consumed us. Suffice it to say that the Sun and Moon are indeed in a relationship with us. The Eclipses are portals of energy that help you to fast-track your thoughts and actions. Might as well make sure those thoughts and actions are intentional.

Here’s something interesting. Next month, in May, there are TWO MORE eclipses. Very unusual. Cosmic Statement? The Eclipse energies help to shed light on the mind and the unconscious storehouse of emotions that keep replaying the same old tune over and over and over and over again. Why would this concern you? Because what you replay in your mind becomes matter in your life.

What happens to each astrological sign during an eclipse? That depends upon your astrological sign and rising sign, and what your relationship is to your own karma and desire. Some folks will see the beginning of a new phase where they’re recognized as the expert. Others will have to own up to the expert: the law, government, employers, spouse, parents, the inner Divine, too.

Lunar Eclipse energy relates to the feminine aspect of your world: women, children, self, mother, aunt, grandma, sister, and your bff, too. When there’s a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, it means that you have a desire, deep down, that’s going to resurface for review. It also means that if you’re doing anything to sabotage yourself, that behavior will stand out like a proverbial sore thumb, with women in your world all holding up mirrors to the hammer in your other hand.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio vibe begins April 18 and lasts through May.

Let’s see how each sign is affected.

Aries-Your rocket boosters are aflame. Check your compass. The direction? Your career or life path. Plan…it…(couldn’t resist)! Have a strategy for your future. Be organized about it. I know you’d rather champion others, but Karma is calling. Take care of you, but tone down the burning torches for your cause. Instead, think of how you can champion YOUR cause first, before you champion others. Plan plus action plus self-love equal RESULTS.

Taurus-Psyche bubbles pop to reveal some whacky stuff; strange dreams, odd feelings, anxious sleep, familiar discomforts. Keep a journal and write in it daily about why you think you’re on this Earth. Write about your joy, what gives you purpose. This opens a door of healing that’s long overdue. A particular fear surfaces around marriage and partnerships. Shh. Listen. Breathe. Before you can do A BUSINESS, you must do YOUR BUSINESS. Open your heart to the Divine within–the ultimate partnership.

Gemini-People, especially women, show you two possible pictures. 1-they demand, argue, minimize. 2-they inspire, empower, urge you to expand your mind and to act. The mirror of the first group is to the part of you that feels unworthy of having. Counseling does help. The more inspiring group takes you to new heights before they push you out of the plane (and beyond your fear) to a new view of self, service and money. Ready, steady, Go!

Cancer-Getting angry or annoyed at how much abundance is coming your way? You do have the power to collaborate with the Cosmos. Simply visualize proportion. It might be time to hire an assistant (or a baby sitter). Please ask for help and stop doing it all alone, Ace. Your head swims with innovative ideas. Co-workers and employees(ers) throw the gauntlet, but fret not. The way you partner shows you the truth of this eclipse. If a partnership is equal, great. If it isn’t then you know that blasting through fear regarding INTIMACY shows you the road paved with gold and peace of mind.

Leo-Your belief system sets the stage for parental, real estate, health, or work issues. Your brain outputs enough electricity to light up a few light bulbs. That’s true. What’s also true is that your past experiences have tainted your future outcomes…UNLESS you’re objective about the matter at hand. If you could choose a super power, what would it be? This answer gives you clues to your current struggle. Ailing parents, moving, promoting your biz, burning candles at both ends can all lead to bone, skin, joint, teeth, knee or pelvic injuries so be present, be mindful. Be cognizant that Form Follows Thought. Why not think JOY into being?

Virgo-Babies, children’s issues, romance, problem-solving solutions and creation are on the agenda. Consider your legacy with family and with the Cosmos. If you could impart one gem of an idea, what would it be? ‘Adopt’ a child, an idea or lifestyle that supports your desires. Sometimes you over-think it. That leads to headaches and vacillation. Imagine a stream of light pouring through you from the Universe, filled with solutions for you and for your children. Divine connection helps you to expand your understanding of HOW intimacy or creativity or birthing can be accomplished.

Libra-Let’s take a close look at the new you and your living situation. Security comes after a few internal ‘earthquakes’ where fear has sabotaged you. But remember that past, negative experiences have muddied your view of what’s possible. Practice this exercise to discover your innate power–stop, breathe, focus on ONE thought that gives you peace.  An elder might be of concern, yet on some level it frees you from restrictions. Joint ventures with: spouse, co-workers, employers(ees), accountants, and the like give you an opportunity to expand your money, your sexuality, your comfort levels of being in your own skin.

Scorpio-Saturn, that staunch karmic overlord is in your sign for two more years. It’s ALL about AUTHENTIC ACTION. Your inner communication starts to change. Old ideas, once thought great, are tossed aside to make room for pioneering ones. Even if those ideas seem outrageous (clue to their validity) pay attention. They reignite your spark. You’re weeding out what no longer supports you. Go slow. Be particular. Pay attention to your body in the next two years, not just during this eclipse. Protect head and eyes this month. Blood can boil or it can be transfused into BRILLIANT practices. Implement one simple plan and your world pivots to support.

Sagittarius-The core of your money, (ahem…self worth issues) rise and fall to get your attention. You expand your creativity (or stunt it) because of money, too. Why? Sit back and think about prosperity. YOU are not about money, rather what you value! Your values will define you. If you had all the cash in the world you’d still be frugal with yourself, yet you’d waste resources elsewhere. What’s that about? Budget to be aware of your money habits. Amazing ideas pour through you. Collaborate with passionate partners about your desires. If you’re not looking to have a baby, buckle up! Give birth to being authentic around your expression and talents.

Capricorn-Morphing again? Cracking out of a Cosmic egg can exhaust you. Healthy structures help you expand, though. Contradiction? Nope. Be very organized with your biz plan. I mean get a Google Calendar and stick to it. Doing this gets you faster results. Bones, teeth, skin, knees, pelvis, or hormone issues arise. Heal your body (your Spirit’s house) with a holistic view. Move energy with consistent routines: yoga, tai chi, walking. Feeling argumentative? Redirect that vibe toward originality in the home or office; redecorate, buy or sell. There will be some women who stop by to see if you’re being authentic with your words and actions. BE the real compassionate you to feel free and stop minimizing yourself to help others feel better. Or are you afraid to set a clear boundary? Something to ponder.

Aquarius-Finally! You can stop banging your head against the Cosmic wall. You’ve got notions, solutions, answers exploding out of your wazoo. You realize you’re not alone in this Cosmos. Take this enormous feeling of unity and before you do anything with it, revel in it. Being authentic means to think before you speak or before you act. What’s your true motivation? What’s your daily intention? Help yourself overcome insecurities by trusting the information that pours through you now. So…if you feel great when times are good…when is the moment it changes? Ah, the plop thickens.

Pisces-Want to make money? Of course you do. Most folks want to know the quickest way, the ideal HOW. This is the question the eclipse poses. How would you like your life to look from this moment on? Have a curriculum (is the word that comes) for organizing your plan. If you were going to teach something, what would it be? To whom would you impart your wisdom? You have much to teach us. It helps to be organized or your ideas are scattered, wasted. Calendars help. Virtual assistants help. Share your wisdom with a group and you’ll feel worth beyond measure. That’s what you’re looking for, isn’t it? You are worth it. Your Value-Meter shines. Allow it. Receive it. Then share it.

Read more posts by Elaine Marolakos Edelson, intuitive channel, empath, astrologer, and energy worker. Elaine is a blogger for JenningsWire.