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Saturn Scorpio Om

Are you ready for an Angelic-Butt Kicking contest?

Or at least…a sobering word from the world you’ve created? On October 5, 2012, SATURN, the planet that represents: Karma (harmonizing of vibes), discipline, organization, religion, structure, denial, responsibility, limitations, authority figures, too—entered the constellation of Scorpio, and will be there for two and a half years.

Scorpio is the water sign that represents DESIRE, Profound inner transformation. Think of the Phoenix bird rising from the ashes in rebirth.

Whether you’re a Scorpio Sun sign, Rising sign, or Moon sign OR NOT, you’ll feel this transition in your life.

SATURN is the Cosmic ‘stop sign.’ It’s the time to reflect on your VALUES, The PLAN you have for your life, and where your LIMITATIONS stop you from moving forward. Where Saturn shows up in a person’s natal astrological chart, is different for everyone (even amongst same signs).

Overall, Saturn is sometimes seen as the Authority figure in your life: dad, brother, husband, employer, uncle, grandparent, mentor, political candidates, police officers, the law itself, and the very controversial psyche trips with ‘Uncle Sam’ and ‘God’ heads.

Sometimes these folks are your ‘stop sign.’ They enter or leave your life to remind you of your ‘responsibility’ toward an inner commitment.

That commitment might have to do with your purpose, taxes, the end of a relationship that’s run it’s course or perhaps the commitement to yourself to become the person you envisioned way before you ever got to this planet. (Something to ponder!)

Before we go any further, remember this—The planets don’t do anything to you. You’re not a victim or a puppet. You are Pure Conscious Love and with that, have the power to manifest an Intentional Life. You live in a co-operation with your Cosmos. When the planets make a move, you feel it. When you make a move, the planets show it. Mirror, mirror on the Cosmic wall.

Astrology can help you create timing for your dreams, your evolution, your process, too.

So when I see Saturn transition from one sign to the next in my natal chart, and because of the placement in my natal chart, I check my business status to see if I’m about to get a ‘promotion’ (or a slap on the hand if I’ve not done my ‘job’ correctly). As it happens, I was interviewed yesterday about my unusal Astro-Intuitive Channeling sessions and will be featured in the Sedona Monthly magazine.

Cool! Then, of course, Saturn being at the top of my chart, I run to my mailbox and check for jury duty (which I just actually got)! Ug…not that I don’t want to serve, but they’re wanting to send me to a courthouse two hours away, at four different intervals, for three days at a time! Wha…?

Then I check to see if I’ve got fears that are currently stopping my dreams from becoming a reality. (Still assessing that one, will get back to you.)

So if you suddenly get a call from grandma asking if you can help her move to an assisted living facility, or if you suddenly get a ticket in the mail for speeding (oh, those pictures don’t lie), or if the IRS suddenly says you’ve not paid enough, or if you suddenly look at your spouse and wonder, “What now?” then the part of you that’s like Saturn (conscience calling) is asking you to do your Cosmic-civic duty and fess up, own up, clean out your closets, and otherwise sit down and make a somewhat solid plan about your dreams, in an ever-changing universe.

Good luck with that one, and may the force (of Angels) be with you. Careful with what you wish for, though…Angels can kick butt, too, in their own Saturnian style.

More on Saturn in the next post…stay tuned to your Astrology Channel and The Way Om.