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Can Karmic Planets Show You the Money? Part 3 of 3

The simple way to wealth isn’t about how hard you work at working hard, winning the lottery, or stuffing cash under your mattress.

True prosperity comes with ebb and flow and your honest participation. That’s why Saturn trining Neptune is your open Karmic door to a simpler way to weatlh.

Tired of working so hard all of the time and not seeing results? I don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but think about it. This IS the question to ask yourself if you’ve been working so hard and not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

As your Cosmic-Earthly representative, I’m here to remind you that you DO work hard…but at what? The grind? The rat race? The wheels turn and you run. Popular movie and book themes ought to tell you what you’ve been focused on so take a good look at Distopian societal living. This is what you’re creating. Yikes. Better hope you don’t come up against Katniss from District 12 at the next Hunger Games.

So then what is the choice? Intentional living.

Say it aloud, “Intentional LIVING!”

How do you create intentional living? By focusing your thoughts, seriously focusing your thoughts, on creating matter that actually matters to you.

This is the Karmic part of the program. Saturn represents the authority in your world. What do you feel you’re great at? Where do you feel like the authority? I’m not talking arrogant bullying. You know something great. You have wisdom.

If you could imagine yourself standing in a room in front of folks, what would be the conversation? What are you talking about?

Here’s an absolute in this Cosmos—FORM FOLLOWS THOUGHT.

That deserved it’s own line. It’s a powerful statement. Think about what you think about and then look at your world. You’re creating it as you speak. Wanna hear something really, really cool?

There is a Hebrew phrase that goes like this (Harry Potter fans listen up)…”Avra K’davra.” IT MEANS…”I create as I speak.”

Yes. Karmic planets CAN ‘show you the money.’ But if your daily, inner, unconscious and consious conversation is about HOW HARD IT IS or about HOW THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH. Then Voldemorte wins.

Neptune and Saturn do a Cosmic Happy Dance through November 28. Read my other posts about it to get really, really, clear on your IDEAL VISION and the words you use to create that vision.

In the last post you wrote down sentences (hailing from your psyche) about how you think you’re not enough or about how you think there isn’t enough.

Now it’s time to make positive sentences. The words you use are powerful and create matter. So? What’s the real MATTER?

Write down at least 5 Sentences, in present tense, that support the powerful you.


I am kind.

I trust in my ability to problem-solve.

I now give myself a break.

I allow myself to receive.

I trust in something greater.

I have healthy boundaries.

I know that what I offer to others is of value.

I am able to give and receive equally.

Okay, so I can’t count. I wrote eight instead of five. My chart is guided by Saturn. I’m a gentle, yet firm task-mistress.

Through November 28, 2012, I’d like you to get clear on what no longer supports you by making a list (that includes your ideas, behaviors, even people you allow in your life) and then one by one, as that person, idea, behavior shows up, set a healthy boundary to it (or them). Escort it (them) to the door. Say NO. Release the need for it (them).

Begin this letting go process and you’ll start to feel more powerful, more aware, better equipped to handle the influx of prosperity that’s IN-Coming! Clear the decks. Make space for your simple way to wealth. The days of struggle are coming to an end. The days of working toward your dreams are here.

More on how to Co-create with your Cosmos in the next post…stay tuned to your Astrology Channel and The Way Om.


Elaine Edelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.