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Royalty Has A New Name

Welcome to the world, George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor.

And congratulations to his parents, more specifically his mom, for a ‘job well done.’ (That’s British-ease for ‘Catherine, honey you need a nap for pushing that baby out!’)

This Soul chose Catherine and William (as we all choose our parents) for very specific reasons. Some of those reasons won’t come to light until HRH is closer to the age of 27–when he experiences his Saturn return and gets serious about his purpose. But…

Looking at this chart, the first thing that catches my eye is a fun little ditty—HRH George’s grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales, was a CANCER Sun sign. His grandfather, Prince Charles of Wales, is a SCORPIO. His mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is a CAPRICORN.

HRH George was born on July 22, at 4:24 pm Greenwich Mean Time. He’s a CANCER Sun sign, SCORPIO Rising sign with a CAPRICORN Moon.

This combo pack tells me that he’s sensitive, articulate, opinionated, adventurous, stoic, empathetic, gauntlet tosser, and champion of those less fortunate. My intuition tells me that HRH’s greatest talent is going to be with words.

His Royal Highness, George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor is a Modern Bard.

But what will he say? How will he affect the greater good?

It’s already being reported in the news that this child might very well affect the British economy.

Well, I’m not surprised. George is a Cancer Sun. Cancer relates to food, finances, nurturing, writing, legalities, women and children’s issues, and entrepreneurialism.

His sun opposes a Capricorn Moon. He’ll be hard on himself, tough, dedicated to a cause to the point of self-sacrifice. He’ll be a team player, literally, with a Scorpio Rising and Cancer Sun, he’ll need to move his body and run, jump, swim or toss an assortment of bats and balls into the air!

He’ll also need to be careful of over-indulgences. His Scorpio Rising sign will magnetize the playboy life in a hurry. What? A prince overindulging? Never heard of such a thing!

This spirit chose a public life to set his stage to enact his role as speaker, possible educator or litigator for the common man that he sees as ‘uncommon.’

But first he might feel the need to break a few rules and buck authority and protocol, so I think we can forgive him his youthful rebellion as he’ll be in the news a lot!

George is a new breed of a more modern, ‘Three Musketeers.’ One day he’ll join forces with a small team of compatriots (other educators, economists, financiers, entrepreneurs, benefactors, protectors) to help people reconnect their PURPOSE with their VALUE system, thereby affecting the ECONOMY.

With Saturn in the 12th house, HRH entered this world with the idea that HUMANITY is his responsibility. Oh, he’ll be charming (Prince Charming? Ah-huh) and wickedly fast with numbers and financial calculations to assist others in creating stability and security. So it’s not so ironic that he’s chosen to do this in a hierarchy of statesmen, royal lineage, and financial contradictions.

This is his karmic evolution.

I’m reminded of Siddhartha Guatama—a rich and royal kid who, once venturing out into the world, beyond the palace gates, seeing how most people lived, evolved from prince to philosophical pauper, to illuminate the world.

With a Mercury, Sun, Mars and Jupiter in the sign of Cancer, HRH George of Cambridge will help to feed a starving nation with a new description of what wealth can mean. And he’ll do it with words.

Wonder what his first word will be?

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