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The Amazing Kreskin and You

What do the numbers two, thirteen, and ONE have in common?

Two nights ago, my thirteen year-old daughter stood on stage with The Amazing Kreskin and their minds became One.

Eliah (rhymes with Maria), volunteered to stand on stage with Kreskin and my heart pounded with happiness. There she was, with a man I’d seen on the Johnny Carson show so many times. There she was with a man I’d admired for his abilities to ‘see.’

Kreskin’s unique ability is just that—Unique. You, too, have a uniqueness that’s all your own. But I guess being able to ‘see’ the invisible with your mind IS a novelty for those who think that being ‘psychic’ is strange or bizarre or just plain bunk.

Long ago, before I knew how to stand in my power as an intuitive channel and as an empath, I felt awkward telling people what I did for work. No surprise I attracted people to me who mirrored my insecurity. They’d prod me for proof that I was what I said I was.

Twenty-five years ago, I remember being in social situations, and in conversation with folks, who, after finding out what I did for work, either walked away OR who would try to secretly mind-meld with me to somehow prove (or disprove) to themselves that I am, in fact, what I say I am.

How’d I know they were doing this?

Because during our conversation, their faces became a bit intense and I could FEEL them disappear into their minds and away from our chat. I’d sigh. Then I’d wait for it…

“So. Can you guess my birthday?” They might have asked. “Did you know I was sending you a message just now?” They might have said.

When Eliah was on stage with Kreskin, she did her best to hide her 2 of clubs playing card from him and he said to her, “Eliah, you have a great poker face!” He saw it anyway and they both got a huge round of applause. But I knew that she believed in his ability wholeheartedly, because she too, acknowledges her innate, growing ability to ‘see.’ (We work at it with ‘intuitive arts’ studies at home!)

Would you like to know how to use your intuition, too?

First…TRUST your gut. Eventually, you’ll be validated. It IS that simple. Remember that YOU are a sentient being with the power to listen to the signals, impulses, impressions and perceptions you get about the world around you.

Until you begin to realize that you have this intuitive ability, the illusive ability to ‘see’ will continue to be a phenomenon; a special gift that people think only a certain few (like The Amazing Kreskin) are born with. Well, that’s just not true.

You have the ability to tune into your being to use your intuition…just as much as I have the ability to learn math…to add two plus thirteen to get One.

Something to ponder.

Upcoming ghostly story in the next post…stay tuned to your Astrology Channel, Elaine Marolakos Edelson, and The Way Om.


By Elaine Edelson, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.