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Honesty Outweighs Perfection

Now that the holiday season is over and we have entered into a New Year, did you make a resolution?

Sure you did.  Let us all be honest.  We say what we are going to do, write them down, stick them somewhere we will see them each day.  Then somewhere along the way, we lose track of the resolutions we’ve made.  As the song says; “Should all acquaintance be forgot. . .”  okay so I’m taking it out of context a bit.

It is still the beginning of the New Year, and the question remains, did you make a resolution?  For this year, my resolution is not to make any.  Make sense?  Most resolutions are broken anyway.  I started doing things differently in the fall of  2012.  I had no choice but to do things differently.

Of course, everyone says that they are going to lose weight, exercise and eat right.

Can you really imagine not being able to enjoy the foods that you love and are used to eating?  Now, picture becoming a vegan or vegetarian.  Some who have the will power can do this.  I love not being able to eat meat or eating it all of the time. I’m still learning the ins and outs of being a vegan or vegetarian.  I started eating turkey meat.  The taste for chicken and beef left my taste buds.  I crave fish but, not just any kind of fish.  I love buffalo and tilapia.

It might have been that your resolution for this year is to make more money.  This is also obvious.  Everybody wants to do that.  All I can tell you is: BEWARE OF SCAMS.  The best investment you can ever make is in yourself.  Do what you love to do in order to make the money you desire.  I love to write.  I’ve been writing since I was nine years old.  My favorite subjects in school were English and Spanish. In college, I took up French.  On my own, I wanted to learn Swahili.  I will make that a goal for this year.  I am teaching myself Chinese and Japanese since there aren’t any courses in college for it. One day the idea is to go to China and Japan.  Those are two beautiful places to me.

You might have even decided to date less or more.

Each year it seems that I’m having to start over emotionally because I have gone through such a break down from a relationship. Let me take you back. . .remember I mentioned a guy named Kavelle?  The new man whom I thought was going to be the one and I said “to be continued. . .” well, it is to be continued.  I started the New Year off without him.  All I will say about that is: it just didn’t work.  Dating is difficult if you make it difficult or it could be all fun.

Nowadays some people just want to have fun; others may just want to use you. What I do is commend those who “keep it real”.  You know, the ones who tell you what they want and are all about from the beginning.  It’s up to you to decide whether you want to get involved with a person.  You might not want to do that if you are looking for more than just wanting to have fun.

You may be one whose resolution is to get closer to God.

I’ve gone to church and believed in God all my life.  You can stray away if you desire to but God is always there waiting on you to return.  You have heard it from your parents and grandparents that no one is perfect.  I was told that when you say that, you are just making an excuse to continue to do wrong.  God knows we are not perfect but He wants us to be.  You don’t have to be perfect to please everyone.  You only have to please yourself. Bottom line: without God (for those who believe and even if you don’t) the things that you desire as a resolution, health, wealth and relationships, cannot survive if you aren’t honest with yourself and a higher power source.

**My opinions may not be shared by others.  Remember this is only my opinion.

Stacey Barlow is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.