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Becoming An Alpha Female

I am great… I am wonderful… I am rich…

When will the thought of the “I am’s” disappear?  They won’t!  You desire to be better than the next person, correct?  Uh-huh.  Now that we are off into the year, what have you done to become an “Alpha”?  This is a personal question you have to ask yourself.

Becoming an alpha could mean many different things.  You could become alpha in your community or in the field that you are in.  How you become alpha is up to you.  We are not talking about college fraternities or sororities; we are talking about building yourself up so that you feel secure about things that are going on in your life.

I ran across an email on the alpha mind and it peaked my curiosity.  Honestly, I still don’t understand it.  I summarized it as saying “think big” or “think from the top”.  Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet and it also means first.  This makes me think about Jesus, but we won’t get off track too much.

The word “alpha” is an adjective that means having the highest rank.

Are we considered animals?  No, we are humans with minds that think on a higher level.  When times get difficult, we know how to survive and hold up our loved ones at the same time.  I grew up being taught how to survive, and as long as you are living, you never stop learning.

In this instance, being an alpha in this email spoke on how to attract the opposite sex and believing that you are beautiful.  But. . .STOP. . .THINK. . .do you really desire that much attention?  Not me.  I want to have that one RIGHT man for me.  The only attention that I like to receive is the attention that I get when I am onstage reciting my poetry.

This is the way  I would use the alpha female tips.  It would seem to me that becoming an alpha female, I could get beside myself and not come down.  There may be a way to control it without going overboard.  Think to yourself or keep in mind that you are really no better than the next person who wants the same things as you do.  You are both fighting for the same thing–survival.

Tips on becoming an alpha female:

  •   Believe in yourself when no one else will
  •   Get your hands on anything readable and continue to learn
  •   Give yourself permission to be the best at whatever you desire
  •   Put God first
  •   Always keep yourself groomed
  •   Love yourself
  •   Find something fun to do with yourself
  •   Treat the opposite sex as your equal
  •   Make the best of every day
  •   Always keep your head up
  •   Love others
  •   Exercise
  •   Meditate to remain stress free
  •   Men love women who are into sports. . .watch it or learn the game.

You may already be the alpha female.  Good job!  I’m still working on a few of the tips that are listed.  This will be for me a GOAL, not a resolution!

Stacey Barlow is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.