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Hypnosis Or Mind Games

I love finding ways to improve myself in getting where I want to be in life.

I’m sure everyone does it one way or another.  Everyday I wake, I have in mind what I am going to do for that day.  Then, I lose it.  See, I am a writer, and published author.  I have good intentions on writing everyday.  The first thing that I do after preparing my mind to wake up and wanting to do it is read my daily lessons.

Anyone who is a church goer knows what daily lessons are.  I inhale and exhale and snap my fingers.  Snapping my fingers is a ritual I learned from a success coach who spoke about the things she does to get her day started when she is needing to write.

I watch videos on the abundance of life on how to attract wealth, love, health, and manifestation.

Now, ask me if it’s working… well, it’s working to  the point of easing my mind in knowing that I can have these things.  My favorite coach, my mind escapes me because I’ve listened to so many who were good, asked this question:  “Can you let go of want in order to have?”  Then, he stated that in the first line in A Psalms of David “The Lord is my Shepard I shall not want.” is the fact that we already have because God has it..  He made me think about that and so just like everything else, I plastered it on my wall and look at it everyday to remind myself that there is no need to want because I already have.

I still go  through these stages where I thirst for knowledge and I came across an email that read 3 downloads from a Beverly Hills Hypnotist.  I opened it up to receive a recording from a well known doctor who had given me a free download of Natural Tranquility. The other three I purchased for myself because I felt I needed those.

Natural Tranquility is a recording of hypnosis that will just relax you from a hard days work.

If you have 30 minutes out of your day, then by all means, take that time to clear your mind and relax.  When the others were purchased and for me my three were “Fear of Public Speaking Hypnosis,” “Millionaire Mind,” and “Attracting Money”  With “Attracting Money” it falls in line with The Law of Attraction.  Anybody who’s anybody know that when you spend too much time on the law, you miss out on what’s in front of you that could be yours in the first place.  Some experts say that the law is basically a waste of time and others say about the same~if it’s not done right, then it is a waste of time.

The power of suggestion is a wonderful thing and it does not interfere with your belief in God or make you do things that you don’t want to do.  Neither does the law because the law actually applies spirituality in being able to attract the things that you want in life.  If I were to use both, I can attain ALL the things that I have in mind.

These techniques are used for those who are tired of struggling with certain things.  Others feel that it’s all about money and that’s how others make their money.  I was a bit disappointed to find that each recording was the same but, he only used one line that was different in each of the recording by stating something different.  If that be the case, you can make up your own sayings.
Bottom line is all about positive thinking. . .be well, peace and have prosperity.

Stacey Barlow is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.