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Top 5 Things NOT to Say to an Aries (or Aries Rising Sign)

1. “Get out of my way.” Yeah, you don’t want to say that to your Aries friend. Aries don’t like to be pushed around. They sometimes confuse conversation with confrontation. If you’d like to get an Aries to move in your direction then tell them you’re going to rewrite the Declaration of Independence and need their help. Or tell them you’re going cliff diving. Watch them run to be first in line!

2. “Do you really need me in this conversation, because you’re the only one talking!” If the Aries in your life is hogging the conversation and you’d like to get a word in, then scream, “OH MY STARS….Look!” When they turn you can shrug it off and say, “Oh, sorry. Thought I saw Tom Cruise being kidnapped by the Scientology mother ship.” There’s your opening to say what’s on your mind.

3. “Once and for all, I said NO.” If the Aries or Aries Rising sign in your life won’t take NO for an answer then it’s time to sweet talk ‘em. Tell them you have a FREE lifetime coupon for Trader Joe’s chocolate covered raspberry jellies and you’ll let them have it if they’ll cave. If the Aries in your life can’t say no then it’s time to teach them boundaries. Say ‘NO’ for them at inappropriate times (to get their attention).  Like when you’re at a café with them and the waiter comes by to offer free chocolate cake samples…Quickly say ‘No’ and watch your Aries friend bursts into flames as she says, “No! Don’t speak for me!”

4. “Slow down.” You can be sure that the Aries or Aries rising sign person in your life is going faster than the speed of sound. To urge them to slow down is sometimes impossible. This is because they’re impatient with the world’s timing. What you can do is offer short bursts of excitement to keep their attention. Being spontaneous is a great idea. Suddenly grab an Aries and kiss them or give them a surprise birthday party in January. They’ll love you for it!

5. “Go to the back of the Line.” Your Aries friend likes to be first in all things. They’re forerunners and fast thinkers. If he thinks he has to start all over again he’ll get discouraged and go do something else (like become a lobbyist or an activist for dolphins). At this point it helps to ask your Aries for help. Aries LOVE to help people (and direct traffic). If you have to go to the back of any line in life, ask an Aries to help you find a way to get to the front…and they will! It teaches them patience while they’re problem solving…get it?

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