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Dressing For Success: Did You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions?

As we are moving past the New Year, many of us look back to where we have been, where we are now, and where we want to be in the future.

Actually, this is a good personal reflective practice for everyone. Many of us focus upon money, a relationship or job; but that is so limiting. What about reflecting upon your immediate friends and family, our home, our spending habits, what brings us joy, what do we want to change, what makes us happy, what is really important etc. Many of these things that I have mentioned are intangible but produce tangible results…..this is where true success lies.

We live in a product society, end results are what we see. When we think with such a blind focus were are limiting the value of living in the now and enjoying the process of becoming. Dressing for Success in not a final result, it is a constant reflection on what makes you you, and accepting the process of gaining the results; which by the way do change as we grow and change.

Properly framing your mind to accept what is and work to create what may be takes into consideration points from my previous blogs, such as: feeling comfortable in your own skin, have the right frame of mind, and loving yourself.  All my blogs are under my name, so please feel free to retrieve them from the archives.

So now stop and think, when make New Years resolutions around the intangible goals that will lead you to success instead of only the final destination.


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