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Opening Up to Authentic Relationships

A collective consciousness

Our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions are forms of energy, which has a unique Cause and Effect. Cause and Effect coupled with Balance is when all pieces of the puzzle come together. Although, many people espouse a belief that nothing transpires by accident – including car crashes, the deepest meaning is lost more often then not in translation vis-a-vis denial, blaming, and/or judgment.

What you believe, think, feel, say and do in each moment comes back to you to create your reality. Energy moves in a circle—what goes around comes around. The combined beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions between people creates a collective consciousness, it creates the world you see before you.

Your words have the power to shift the dynamics in your relationships—family, friends, co-workers. How you present your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings impacts yourself and others. When you are clear about what you desire before speaking to others, you can be sure you will express yourself with openness, honesty and integrity.

You need to consider presenting your beliefs, feelings and ideas in a way that allows everyone to see how your truth can benefit everyone. By changing your approach, you can create an atmosphere where others will be more receptive to you.

Speak the truth

By speaking your truth responsibly and compassionately, you can ensure that expressing yourself will benefit, rather than harm, your relationships. It might be difficult, at first, to verbalize your beliefs, ideas and feelings when you are unsure how others will respond to you. You might be tempted to stay silent because it feels safer.

An effective way to express your truth is to own your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.

  • I believe _____ when ____.
  • I believe ____because,____.
  • I believe ____.
  • I sense____.
  • I am____.
  • I will____.
  • No.
  • Yes.
  • I am uninterested in____.
  • I am interested in ____.
  • I like____.
  • I dislike____.
  • I agree____.
  • I disagree___.

The keys to effective communication are:

  • Establishing a Frame of Reference for the topic and interaction.
  • Ask Clarifying Questions to establish the Frame of Reference.
  • Ask your listener to Paraphrase what she/he understood. Thus, you establish if you stated what you meant or if the listener understood.
  • Last, but, not least, listening for and illuminating sentiments—your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and the listener’s beliefs, thoughts, feelings and establishing a sense of fairness, integrity and acceptability.

When you understand that relationships can only evolve and grow stronger when they are based on openness, honesty, integrity and compassion, you will find the courage to reveal your innermost beliefs, opinions, ideas, thoughts and feelings. More often than not people will sense your intent, openness, honesty, integrity and respond accordingly.

Your relationship bond will grow deeper because you have allowed yourself to be authentic. Give your relationships a boost into their next phase of growth. Speak your innermost beliefs and feelings with courage and thoughtfulness and watch your relationships grow stronger and more meaningful.