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Too Busy Being Frazzled Instead Of Dazzled By Your Life?

So many people today are just so busy.

They are so busy with their lives that they never feel happy with the small joys that come each and every day. When we are stressed, it is very hard to relax and try to sort through the clutter that surrounds us.  It is so important to take the time for yourself, a time to replenish your energy, time to re-charge your batteries and a time to reach out for your dreams.  Some questions we could ask ourselves: “What makes you smile, makes your heart race or gets you very pumped?”  “What is something very special to you, that you always thought you would do, but haven’t done?”

The benefits of a clean and super charged energy palate are major plus’ for us like: more vitality, happier relationships, with ourselves and others, and just having a sense of well-being. If we take the time for this cleaning process on us, we will be more energized and having a feeling of better balance.

Here are some suggestions.

Contact Old Friends.  Make a short telephone call and reconnect.  This will make both of you happier.

Take a walk outside.  Enjoy the beauty of nature, really notice the trees and flowers and the chirping of the birds.  If we do this, we will get a sense of calm and peace.

Spend time with children.  Look at the world through their eyes and laughter.  If we do this, we will sense our spirits are lifted.

Actually do something creative.  Find something you have always wanted to do “one day.”  This is so therapeutic and will give you a sense of well-being.

Be friendly with all you meet today.  Say “Hi” and even wave to others.  This will make you happy.

Worry less – mediate more.  This will definitely make your daily load lighter and before you know it, instead of being so frazzled, you will find you are dazzled by your life and You made it happen!

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