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Inquiring Minds Want To Know: Got Any Passion In Your Life?

Is it possible that you may be living a life of passion without even recognizing it?

You didn’t choose to like what you like, you happily discovered it.  The same is true for all of our passions in life.  Sometimes, our passion sneaks up on us.  It may be there all along, but it was unrecognized.  Look inside your heart for your true heart’s desire.

You may need to ask yourself some questions to figure out what is your passion, like:

When you do certain activities, does it make you feel good about yourself?  Could this be satisfaction with your life?

When you give away some of your talents rather than put a price tag on them, could you say that you liked what you were giving away  more than receiving? How does this make you feel?

When you are working on your activity, do you lose track of time?  Could it be you see that you are passionately engrossed in your activity?

When you speak with your friends, is there one subject you like to talk about more than others?  Could this be your passion?

Honestly answering the above questions will allow you to correctly identify what really excites you in life.  All of us have passions – some just need to be aware of them.

What’s keeping you from discovering your passion?

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