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Got Too Much Stuff In Your Life?

We are all so lucky.

Not only are we able to make a New Year’s Resolution and aim for all the glorious goals we all hope to achieve, but if we miss this deadline, our dreams and desires don’t have to be shattered on the ground.  We get another chance to hang onto and it is called Spring Renewable Time or, if we miss this deadline, we still have the Beginning of Fall.  So no need to worry about falling through the cracks, we always get another chance to reach our goal.

One resolution that always stays on my lofty goal list is to “clean out the house” and you will see the operative word here is out not up.  Looking around I see all the “accumulated clutter” – where did I ever get so much stuff? Second question I ask myself “Why hang onto to all of it?”  No doubt in my mind life would be easier if I just got rid of it and got organized.  It is that getting started thing that is the hard part…

There are so many books, websites and t.v. shows on this subject.

Why do you think they are so popular?  Could it be that there are a lot of us out there in this boat? We keep hanging onto so many unnecessary things that we never look at, much less use and then spend countless hours “looking for it.”  No wonder we get so frustrated and uptight as we run around in circles from all of our stuff.

This act can also apply to unhealthy relationships we have with negative people who love to spend so much of our time.  Time is valuable and we don’t have huge amounts of it.  Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed we get frozen in our tracks and just never accomplish what we really want to do.  Maybe, the secret is to take it slow but be consistent at it and as you look around you will slowly see some of your progress.

Hey, I think I can see a small light in my closet!

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