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Finding Your Way To Happiness!!

I have learned over the years that I am 100% responsible for my own happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind that is nurtured by choices and habits, not by anyone or anything material. Books, writing, good friends and good conversation makes me happy.

Music touches my soul and moves my heart and simply elevates me to a wonderful, soothing and happy place.

I like to take walks outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  It de-stresses my mind and gives me exercise at the same time.  Being outside in nature makes me breathe deeper and makes me aware of all of the surrounding beauty of the green trees and beautiful flowers.

Listening to the chatter of people going along their way, children’s laughter and the hum of daily life is a natural “high.”

Nothing in your life can make you happy unless you allow it.

The key to happiness is not what you have or how favorable your circumstances are.  It’s your attitude! You get to decide whether everything makes you happy or nothing does.

Several suggestions to being happy are:

We need to think about our many blessings in life and appreciate what we do have.  We need to find happiness in the little things that happen each day.  These small pleasures can make a huge difference in our day.

We need to simplify our lives and reduce stress and chaos.  Also to be open to the opportunities to help others and this alone will bring  joy.  It is important to spend time with those who mean the most to us, after all, relationships are not built over night.  In summary, we need to slow down and let happiness catch up with us.  We just need to smile, relax and enjoy.

The hardest part of the above suggestions is implementing them into our daily lives.  No doubt it will take effort on our part, but in the long run, WE ARE SO WORTH IT!

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