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Make Your Way Down Your Path!

Do not simply walk blindly along the path you are on.

Take a moment to pause and examine with discretion and with love where the path will lead and all the choices you have made in life to get there.

If you are brave and inspired by your inner love, set out where there is no new path, make one of your own.  Leave a trace of your path so others may also find their pathway.  They need not step into your lane but may need a soft light to lead their way.

The footprints you make on your path show to others what you are all about.  To leave your mark on this world, it’s important to make each step count.

Walk joyfully through life.  Spread your passion and love for each new step. Pace your stride so that you have time to learn from the lessons you encounter.  This is the mark I’d like to leave behind.

These are some of the footsteps that I would like my own children to find imprinted on the earth they walk.

What kind of footprints do you want to leave behind?

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