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Do You Tune In To Magical Moments?

Listening to the national news, I heard of a shooting star falling to earth and landing in a local park. I thought, “WOW, how magical is that?”

This made me think about all the little moments that felt like magic to me and how much I love the feeling that comes along with these moments.

The quick surge of energy up and down my body, the thrill bumps of excitement, feeling my heart sing and dance, the smile that starts on the inside and winds up all over my face!  I spent quite a bit of time just thinking about some of those moments that seem so magical to me.

Sometimes, it can be something I can actually see, like a lightening bug flittering about in the darkness of the evening, or a hummingbird, or a white fluffy cloud bumping along in the bright blue sky.  A brilliant hue of colors of a striking rainbow, a glowing sunset or children playing with squeals of laughter.  Sometimes it is listening to a beautiful piece of music or song; the delicious feeling of spontaneous laughter; treasured happy memories and on and on.  As I continuted to think about all of this, I found myself smiling.  And I thought, “Even that is magical, thinking on these thoughts brings such warm and happy feelings.”

There are so many magical moments all around us and available each and every day.  We choose to notice them or not to notice them.  But, when we do become aware of them, we notice more and more jewels that show in the abundance of our lives.

What are some of your magical moments?

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