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Podcast: 2013: Female Water Snake Year of Transformation

Mary Shurtleff is the author of the book “2013: Female Water Snake Year of Transformation” which outlines predictions of what this year may have in store for you.

Mary is an Eastern 4 pillar astrologist, feng shui expert, and hypnotherapist specializing in behavior.

Topic: 2013: Female Water Snake Year of Transformation

1. What exactly IS the Female Water Snake?

2. What is the difference between Eastern and Western Astrology.

3. What are some of the predictions for 2013 according to the Female Water Snake?

4. What is a four pillar profile and how does it figure into the year?

5. What little things can someone do today to help make their year run a little smoother?

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To find out more about Mary Shurtleff and her latest book 2013: Female Water Snake Year of Transformation as well as her other books, The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui and Reconnecting Your Spirit: Seeing the Possibilities, visit www.maryshurtleff.com

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