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Managing Low-Level Ambient Stress

Managing Low-Level Ambient Stress

Our contemporary world seems challenging at the moment.

Headlines not only in our country but elsewhere around the globe proclaim conflict and economic distress. There are pressures on the environment, on families, and on businesses. None of these may be specific to you, but the general tone of the times lacks peace. This may be because we are in a transition era, on the cusp of a new age, or because our values are changing and there’s generalized confusion. What’s a person to do during this type of era?

I’m referring to low-level stress… ambient because it’s all around us, not necessarily anything specific but permeating our lives in ways that might add to health problems or mental and emotional weightiness.

There is something quite specific that anyone can do: to build in your thoughts a world for yourself that is calmer and feels more secure. I’m talking about creating one’s own reality, and doing it as though you were able to exist in a bubble or behind a shield (it’s more like resting in an egg-shaped sphere) that you inhabit on a day to day basis, and in this domain of your own making you build a reality that you design. You visualize yourself and your loved ones as held in an energy field of light, nurturance, and safety. You see the cells in your body as working well and affected only by love and health. You see your personal relationships as kind or well-intentioned – and you push out of your dynamic sphere those who might not treat you in this fashion. You do this with visualization, sending them loving kindness but pushing them out of your milieu (and they will eventually leave you in real life as you maintain this visualization).

Mentally, emotionally, and psychologically, you hold yourself in a joyful place.

For instance, on a beautiful beach in a warm and gentle climate, or on a mountain trail with fresh air and gorgeous vistas. When you feel that you are in your perfect sphere, and that you have learned how to continue it, maintain it, sustain it, it won’t really matter what is going on in the larger world, for you have created a peaceful reality that will bring benefits – cannot do otherwise – to your health, well-being, and prosperity.

How does this differ from living in a fantasy? It’s quite different, for a fantasy exists in the imagination – or as we might say, on the astral plane – and never comes down to earth. You may project yourself into your fantasy but it doesn’t have the attributes of solid reality. What I’m suggesting is a technique that works with solid reality – in other words, the very cells of your body, or your daily emotional state. Lucky coincidences begin to occur. These are sometimes called synchronicity. And your pleasant state of mind actually increases as fortunate coincidences occur more and more. Your safe, shielded sphere begins to attract things that are safe and secure.

As above, so below; as without, so within. These are time-tested techniques to create your reality even in the midst of the whirlwind of life. Try it – you may be surprised. You will certainly be helped.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.

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