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Overcoming Frustration

Overcoming FrustrationThere is undoubtedly something at the basis of your frustration. Identify it… totally.

Is it physical? Emotional? An affront to your logic? Part of your job, your health, your relationships? Does the condition insult your ego or intelligence (i.e., is it humiliating)? Can it be altered by medicine, a career change, a new attitude, a relationship switch, or some such obvious action?

What is its likely duration? Is it temporary? Life-long? Can you foresee or imagine “a light at the end of the tunnel”? Or can you not see the problem ever getting fixed?

Think about its impression on yourself. Is it endurable? Impossible? Weakly or strongly frustrating? Can you manage it? Is it maddening or just annoying?

Does the frustrating problem stand in the way of your happiness and self-realization? Is it the, or one of the, chief obstacles of your whole existence?

Some people’s horoscopes contain a “signature” of frustration. Likely never-ending, we can call this a karmic situation. Like a 3-legged chair, these people will always be searching for the missing support. Such lifetimes demand conditions that must be endured until a lesson is learned (or endlessly repeated), but the predicament creates patience and compassion. Other folk have periods of suffering through frustration which can be described by a specific timeframe. Astrologers might define these as “Saturn transits”. Both types of frustrations can be handled with the correct mindset.

If you have figured out by the above questions that you are living with a karmic condition, you can begin to examine some of the underlying reasons.

What lessons are you being forced to learn, and what might you have done to “earn” this?  (At this point, some people might even start to consider their past lives, and begin to take responsibility for causing suffering to another.) Understanding leads to greater tolerance of the repetitious pattern, and can even alleviate it by resisting the actions that lead to pain. No one can do this for you but you can stay open-minded to ponder its validity to you, even while avoiding the pattern.

Many of us, however, deal with temporary frustration, often self-created, but nevertheless hard to live with. Its duration is usually based on how soon we have the guts to make a huge (scary?) life change, but sometimes it’s simply about changing how we think about our negative condition. If it isn’t karmic, then things will eventually alter one way or another. We can then project forward to the new day, or we can “be Zen” while things remain static. We can always change gloomy thoughts to a nicer narrative, thus altering our mood in the interim. We can mitigate the frustration’s effect while tackling our thoughts’ self-created anxiety. We can practice stoicism, or take definitive action, or find the way to tell ourselves a different story about what’s been happening.

In fact, deconstructing your frustration can be the means to reduce it or even remove it. After all, it’s not the hinderance itself but our definition of it that’s the real problem. Anything can be overcome by the power of thought.

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