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Switching Emotions

Switching EmotionsA lot of people, from the looks of it on Facebook and other sites, are feeling many negative emotions seemingly from the fallout of our election process – emotions such as anxiety, anger, or gloom.

(Many other people are feeling elation, some even gloating.)  But if emotions are the thing that is getting you down, surely this is the right time to stop and consider whether your conscious logical mind is running the show or whether you are helpless in the face of your overwhelming feelings.  And if you decide, upon consideration, to take charge and get yourself into a better place, it may be helpful to remember how to do so.

Recently, I found myself in a place of anger, confusion and some depression, and even though I could see these patterns activated in my horoscope, nevertheless I still felt them, and felt somewhat impotent regarding these moods and irritants.  This is the point at which one must remember the techniques – whatever works – to switch primarily one’s thoughts, for the thoughts are often the catalyst for the onset of a slew of negative emotions.  And if the thoughts change, so will these troubling feelings.

How do you switch thoughts?

First of all, you have to recognize them.  This may require you to have a bit of a conversation with yourself – even a debate.  Why are you feeling this way?  What has provoked you?  Is it accurate?  Do you need to dwell in it?  Is a certain thought or thoughts the cause of the onslaught of a negative emotion?  So, the identification of what is bugging you, what you are chewing on, might be the first step.

Next is obvious.  It is the recognition that it feels lousy to be in this state.  Well, that’s why we’re doing this in the first place because anxiety, confusion, anger, irritation, depression, and so forth don’t feel good!

The third stage is where the inner work takes place, and this is the conscious choice to switch the thought.  It is the decision when you recognize that you are looping, or repeating endlessly that which is disturbing your serenity.  How to make the switch?  You can move yourself to a brighter thought.  This is not easy at first but gets better and smoother with practice.  You can reframe your storyline, telling yourself that what’s happening is not as terrible as you have assumed, that it may have a silver lining, or actually be part of your growth.  Whatever works is the right way to achieve the shift.

Keep in mind that it is hard work but a great victory over the self as this effort succeeds, and as you learn to become the master of your thoughts and therefore of your emotions.  It is not necessary to expect to be in a new place of bliss or joy.  There is nothing wrong with indifference, neutrality, calmness and detachment. These are much healthier emotions, if that’s what they can be called, or states of mind, and give you the space to observe yourself making fresh choices in your thoughts, catching yourself if you fall into old patterns, and do the very important inner work of continuously moving from a negative place into a calm place, which is an underpinning of psychological development and spiritual attainment.

There is a lightness to be gained from this.

People have said that their hearts opened instantaneously upon switching thoughts.  Some feel a heavy burden is lifted, perhaps vaporized.  The reason that emotional mastery performs in this manner, bringing consistent results, is that it is the path to spiritual evolution.  If all the world could do this, could move easily out of anger, hatred, fear, disgust, and so forth, we might actually be able to attain the longed-for goal of world peace.  It won’t come from treaties, or government decrees, or laying down of arms, or détente.  It will come from individuals who learn to stop laboring in their dark emotions, and choose to come into the light.

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