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When Living In A Bubble May Not Be So Bad

When Living In A Bubble May Not Be So BadSociety nowadays seems very divisive, angry, and stress-inducing.

People are quite emotional and passionate about their beliefs. They are also confused or uncertain about many goings-on on the political scene and perhaps in their career and personal relationships. The extent to which this is true is somewhat dependent on an individual’s own horoscope but is also subject to large-scale energy patterns such as are affecting everyone lately.

In metaphysics, one of the most important goals is the mastery of emotions and thoughts. Going within through techniques or meditations, or even open-minded inquiry and self-discovery, ultimately leads you to realizations that bring peace and serenity. That is true regardless of the patterns you are living through, including severe weather. With the exception of the survival instinct to pursue physical safety, even thoughts and emotions about extreme challenges can be mastered. For example, test pilots who put their lives in danger as a matter of their job description can keep calm even as their vehicle may be spinning out of control.

Once it becomes possible to conquer your inner state, it makes sense to remain in that state regardless of the current era or what’s happening at work or on the home front. This ability to stay serene deep within yourself is the bubble to which we’re referring. It’s like a bubble because there’s a protective shield around you. The shield consists of your thoughts and the energy they produce. The bubble can be impervious to outside influences.

We don’t advocate staying in a bubble to the extent that you are hardened to others’ suffering, only that you learn to produce such a bubble as a psychological and energetic protective measure. When everything else may seem topsy-turvy or confusing, you will be on your own little plot of ground – calm, alert, ready to offer loving care, touched but not disturbed by the events of the day. A worthy achievement!

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