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Hum A Few Cosmic Bars And Make A Miracle

Mind-blowing science behind sounds.

If you had the right equipment you could measure your energy scientifically. Let’s take a brief look at what Science is doing with energetic experiments. The research lab at Princeton University called PEAR*, (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) has verified through their REG (random event generator) machine, that concentrated thoughts affect random events. That bears repeating. Concentrated thoughts affect random events. You see? You’re already wired to create any reality.

Basically, the REG is a probability tester and measures how thoughts alter the device itself. People who don’t claim to be empathic or intuitive, or psychic energy workers–just regular folks–stand around and use their thoughts to alter the Generator. There are no electrodes or wires, just plain thought.

Sometimes they’re standing in front of the machine, sometimes they’re thousands of miles away. That’s amazing proof for those who need it, but that’s not the most remarkable part!

If two volunteers, who know and love each other, focus their thoughts on the machine, the effects are even more rapid and more powerful.

Now I’m going to apply this energetic possibility to Sound.

Because you make sounds everyday. Are you aware that the sounds you make create vibrations that surround you or hang out there in space affecting others?

I found the following mind-blower at the Center for Neuroacoustic Research and The California Institute for Human Science.

Listen to these remarkable facts: Researchers recorded the sounds of ocean tides, dolphins, crickets, birds chirping, people talking and then tinkered with the playback speed. Slowed down voice recordings of people sounded just like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Then the researchers sped up the recordings, and people’s voices turned into dolphin cries. They sped up that sound even more and people sounded like birds tweeting. They increased the speed even more to what sounded like crickets chirping.

To test this sound theory–that all sound is connected and interrelated and resonant in all particles–the researchers took fresh recordings of crickets and slowed them down. Oh my stars. Guess what? They sounded like birds. They then decreased the playback speed even more and the recordings sounded like dolphins. Slowed even more and the recordings sounded like people.

If that doesn’t blow your mind there’s more—scientists discovered the same sounds coming from outer space by listening to the recordings of the Voyager spacecrafts. What they also found is that the rings of the planet Uranus emit a frequency that equals the sounds of Tibetan meditation bowls. Aum. I’m kneeling in Cosmic prayer and feel tingly all over right now. You?

So the question is…what repetitive thoughts will you think, repeatedly, to create your harmonious world? And what sounds will you make to connect the particles to that Ideal Vision? Yeah, I know. ‘Sound’s a little like Absolute Power.

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Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research.