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Easy To Do Flying Stars Aspects Blog For June 2015


Your home is an extension of your mind and your thoughts create your home. Does your home support your needs—emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually, and mentally? This monthly Feng Shui aspect feature will help you to make those assessments. All you have to do is read and place the objects appropriately and go about your month.

Overall Feng Shui means wind and water in Mandarin Chinese and is the art of placement within your home, business, or environment. Feng Shui knowledge can help you to understand how that which is seen and unseen, can affect your reality. We live in a world of symbology and branding. Everything the mind’s eye sees is a message to the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind will unconsciously react in a positive or negative way. On a spiritual level, feng shui knowledge can help you to harness and manifest the “power of thought or the spoken word.” Your thoughts are powerful and form and affect your very being. When applied appropriately, this esoteric or mystical feng shui can change your life.

The Four-Pillar Eastern astrology and the Flying Stars method of Feng Shui is used to determine how the ener­gies of the Earth and its directions from different time periods affect your lives and well-being. The Flying Stars Feng Shui, a method thousands of years old, is based on ancient calculations of astronomy, navigation, and mathematics. The Flying Stars method covers the natal or birth stars of your home; the annual flying stars that change each year with the Chinese New Year; and the monthly flying stars, which change monthly.

In this monthly blog we will explore the monthly flying stars technique. This technique is easy and focuses on the aspects of the monthly flying stars, their interaction with the annual stars, the sectors they fly into each year, and their effect on your life.

I hope you enjoy our new addition. We would like feedback on your ideas of how to improve our newsletter each month!!


Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it.

The adjustments may be placed in the directional sectors of the property, home, office, or desk.

This month of June 2015, the stars line up to make this a somewhat unpredictable month. The West, South, Southwest, and Southeast are the directions to keep an eye on for instable energies. The East, Northeast, and North are very auspicious and the Northwest is somewhat neutral. This month may feel like a balancing act but just remember—this too shall pass. Each sector has a yin and yang or negative and positive quality. Which one you feed will be the one that thrives. Always feed the positive and dissect the negative into a positive.

The Tai chi turns each day as well as monthly. When an auspicious daystar flies into the day, it will shift that monthly energy that appears funky!! Some sectors will definitely feel better than others. Start journaling and gauging your days.

This month the water star flies to the Center of the ba-gua/energy map– cleansing and purifying the energy of the environment. This could bring added rain and more water on a universal level. The extra water can also make the earth unstable and we may see more flooding, landslides, and maybe earthquakes. The water will bring added strength to the annual star of conflict so it is important to balance this wood/water/earth energy with more earth. Add extra clear raw crystals to the center of your home this month if you feel you are walking on shaky ground. The crystals will help you feel mentally clearer, grounded, and anchored.

This month could be a good month for career changes and promotions. For some, there may be some forced changes centering around job prospects but don’t panic. Change is scary, but sometimes very good and needed. Everything happens for a reason. This month in the center of your home, place still water to absorb any negative energy and in addition, a red Buddha or red smooth crystal to the center of the home for smooth business and personal transitions. Expect some endings and awesome beginnings!!

In the Northwest this month, remove all objects that resemble fire and keep lighting minimal. The Pig and Dog may wish to take extra care to get plenty of sleep and not burn the candle at both ends. Take no unnecessary risks in the Northwest this month. Keep the Northwest quiet and calm. Place a wu-lou or metal in this area to weigh down the energy. You may add 4 bamboos in water for academic achievement. The Northwest is a great place to write, edit, or create this month.

This month the Rooster people and the West of home may feel out of sorts. If your office or bedroom is in the West you may feel internal conflict regarding personal and business relationships. Place a Golden Rooster in the West this month with the bowl of sea salt water. This will stabilize that energy and help absorb the conflict. Because the Rooster is a bird of strength, self-promotion, and opportunity, the symbology of the Rooster counters backstabbing, politicking, and conflict through self-assurance. This month use this sector to focus on resolving those areas of your life not working in your best interest.

The Northeast of the home is a very strong area this month with achievement meeting up with power. Place 6 Chinese coins in the Northeast for the year. Romantic luck is high. Place pink peonies or mandarin ducks in this area to find that special feeling. The Tiger and Ox can enjoy a good month with good things coming their way. However, remember….having power is tough …choose wisely.

This month keep the South calm. The South facing home or South sector of your home may feel off balance this month. Put blue flowers or still water at your front door on the left side looking out. Keep lighting low and be careful with fire. Put 1/3 salt, 1/3 water, and 1/3 blue detergent in a bowl and place it in the South. Place smooth clear crystal balls in this area for smooth sailing. Any work done in this area must be checked and double-checked for mistakes. Check over all legal documents—especially Horse people. The Horse may feel off balance and somewhat melancholy and tired this month. If this should happen, get rest and stay quiet. Remember: Tomorrow in another day. Take baths, swim, and be kind to yourself. This month…just rest.

The North facing home and Rat people are blessed with good fortune this month. Place with 6 gold coins or Chinese coins and 8 pieces of Citrine stones in the North. Do a brief mediation visualizing ideas to bring prosperity to your front door. Ask your mind to create you a plan to follow to bring wealth into your life. Then listen and act upon it. Don’t procrastinate. Strike while the iron is hot!!

The Southwest in the month of June is complicated by a fire/metal clash. This month women need to watch their health and avoid becoming overloaded. Drink plenty of water and rest when exhausted to avoid a serious affliction. To stabilize this energy place your blue detergent/Salt/Water Combo in the Southwest of the home, room, or office. If you have a blue elephant or rhinoceros, set it in this area to protect the area as well. You may also set black or blue fu-dogs. Remove all fire or red energy. Also place a rooster to offset any gossiping and unfair attacking from your frienemies!! Allow the Southwest of the home to lay low this month. The Sheep and Monkey and Women must take rest when tired. This is a time of clearing past karma.

The East is honored with a fortune as well as the wealth star and career star meet up in the family sector of the ba-gua or energy map. Place a moving or still fountain with 8 citrine stones in the East. You may also place a picture of your family need the fountain for familial good fortune.

The Snake and Dragon and the Southeast Facing home must watch their health this month. The Snake and Dragon may wish to take extra care to get plenty of sleep, eat right, exercise to release emotions, and not burn the candle at both ends. Take no unnecessary risks in the Southeast this month. Place a wu-lou or metal in this area to weigh down the energy. Emotions may run high this month. Place smooth round crystal balls in the Southeast to distort the energy. Take Epsom salts with lavender baths or swim to keep the body healthy. Drink plenty of water. If you wish, you can do a Himalayan Salt cleanse with ½ tsp. of Himalayan Salt in 8 oz. of water. This is a spiritual cleanse for the soul. Just relax and enjoy the down time.

Many tell me the aspects overwhelm them. Go back, read them, and take one directions at a time and just work with it. Don’t panic. Do the adjustments at your leisure or only do the directions you feel are a problem. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. Pretty soon, you will get it and eat the whole elephant!! Have a fantastic month. Peace be with you!!

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