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Podcast: Create Harmony Using Your Life Numbers

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Tara Ventura is an Intuitive Numerologist, Matrix Practitioner, Mentor and Teacher who is passionate about her work to motivate and inspire people to take action based on their gifts and abilities they came into this life with.

Tara shares how to use your life numbers to create harmony and enliven you as well as your goals and dreams.

Create Harmony Using Your Life Numbers

  • What is intuitive numerology and how is it different than “regular” numerology?
  • What hidden blocks stand in the way of realizing your unique ideal life?
  • How can people be energized through intuitive numerology?
  • Can you give us an example?
  • What tips can you share that will make life feel smoother and less of a fight?

To learn more about Tara Ventura, Intuitive Numerologist, Matrix Healer, and her vision of how to energetically enliven your dreams, goals and ideal life, please visit TheMagicalMatrix.com

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