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Numerology: Sign Of The Times, Your Path To Enlightenment!

Here we are in the midst of 2013

So what does this mean for you personally, in the scheme of your ever fabulous, changing, some might say challenging life!

Let’s break it down globally. The year 2013 adds up to the Universal 6 – 2+0+1+3=6. In a “6” Universal year, individuals are interested in maintaining domestic and global harmony.

Marriages and talk of  marriages rise during this time. Those of you that are in a relationship that are not in your soul’s best interest may break apart so that you open up the possibilities for Mr. or Ms. Right that will be more nurturing to you.

Also, we are in a number 2 millennium now, where intuition is surging and people are going more with their gut feeling.  “2” vibrates to cooperation, patience, diplomacy and healing. This is significant after the 1 millennium, which amplifies independence.

How does your Life Path number form your reality?

What about you specifically? What personal qualities have you brought to this earth plane that can best be utilized.

Each number vibrates to feelings, and tells a great deal about your innate abilities, your promising destiny, natural talents and timing so that you gain a better understanding of yourself and when to make great choices.

For instance if your total birthday adds up to 9, as mine does, your mission in life calls for personal integrity, inspire by example and a vocation that enlightens the masses whether it be philanthropy, acting, writing, teaching, healing, and inspiring in any form. Actually, a number 9 who works as a bagger at a grocery store can have an inspirational effect on the people that he or she comes into contact with by his uplifting, “you are special” attitude.

Interesting character study:

Sir Richard Branson, the eccentric businessman is fun example of how numbers can describe your destiny.

His birthday is July 18, 1950. So that would calculate as 7+1+8+1=9+5+0= Life Path of 22.

The 22 is a master number in Numerology. This quality signifies a tremendous power to organize and construct, and can often times be founders of large institutions, international businessmen and promoters.

His 18 birth date is also signifies a sixth sense for profit, and one who can track down a successful business deal.

Take flight

The “6” Universal year plus Mr. Branson’s month and date of birth adds up to his 4 Personal Year.

This is the year to get down to work and continue to build a systematic approach personally professionally. Mr. Branson is about ready to take passengers into space, and though the date has not been confirmed it is set for late 2013 or early 2014.

Odds are this will take place in 2014, his 5 Personal year, as this is a personal year for journey, exploration and freedom.

Back to you. What are your intriguing attributes?

Send me your name and full birthday. Let’s quantify your strengths, abilities and ideal time to make changes.

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