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Cornered By Commercialism – It’s Valentines Day?

I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop today and someone from the media asked me “off record” of course, what I thought about the upcoming and impending Valentine’s Day.

Before I could give it any eloquent thought, with the Super Bowl happening recently, I thought they were pretty much the same…Hype, actually commercial hype! To go even one step further, both will have one winner and loser (for some or many in terms of their Valentine Day anticipation).

I liken Valentine’s Day to a day of amnesty for some and a “last chance for others”! In terms of amnesty, this is the one day out of the year, perhaps Christmas and birthdays might also count, where one can prove their undying love for another…really? You see, it is “expected” that you come through on this day more than any other–flowers, chocolates, a fancy dinner and maybe a piece of forget-me-not jewelry which makes up for all of the romantic and loving short-comings throughout the other 360-62 days of the year.

Then there is the last-ditch effort to save a relationship. Some waited until after Christmas because they didn’t want to end the relationship and ruin Christmas (the festive season) and they would wait to “clean house” in the new year as a part of their resolutions of “out with the old and in with the new”! It was a good idea until they realized that Valentine’s Day was just over 6 weeks away and decided they didn’t want to spend it alone and, since it is the day of love, perhaps Cupid could magically sprinkle some pixie dust and fire arrows laced with love. Indeed, this could be the “game changing day” that saves the relationship that has been stale, stagnant and worthy of closure months ago. For some, here’s hoping Cupid has an intense arsenal which is fully loaded and effective because you are going to need it!

Don’t get me wrong! I am a diehard romantic who writes self-help books on improving not only one’s relationship, but also one’s self and their self-esteem. Heck, my first romance novel was even released at the end of last year! With that said, why do so many wait until Valentine’s Day to show their love and affection for their mates? Folks, this should happen over and throughout the entire course of the year! And then there are those who feel obligated, even forced to doing something “special” on Valentine’s Day because of commercialism. Worst off, the pressure to pull off something “romantic” might cause even greater disappointment because they feel cornered!

Want to know the secret to giving the best Valentine gift and having the most wonderful day?

Begin now if you already haven’t by telling your mate how special they are to you and how much you love them. It is the little things that are the most romantic because they are done out of love and appreciation. They are true matters of the heart and that is what should matter most!


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