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Paradise Can Be Anywhere

My husband and I took a fabulous trip to the island of Kauai, Hawaii for our 25th wedding anniversary.

It was the most beautiful and exotic place I had ever seen. I have wanted to go back ever since. But I don’t just want to duplicate that trip. I want to make it better by bringing the whole family.

After twenty-five years of marriage our whole family included Phil, me and our three children. We couldn’t afford to finance that trip at the time, so I put the idea on a back burner. But I haven’t forgotten it. I still daydream about it from time to time.

At this time our family has grown to include significant others and grandchildren. The price of that trip keeps going up. And the logistics of coordinating time for 11 people with jobs, schedules, commitment and all makes that trip to paradise more and more elusive.

Lately each of our kids has mentioned how much they loved our summer vacations in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

When they were little we rented a small cottage and spend our time walking in the woods, doing crafts, reading, boating, playing board games, going out for ice cream. and just being together. As the family grew, we rented bigger cottages and the fun continued.

It has now been six years since our last family vacation in Green Lake. We still can’t afford to take everyone to Kauai, but we can rent a cottage for a week. Green Lake, here we come.

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