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How I Manage My Fear Of Death & Getting Older

I sometimes wonder what will happen to me when I get older.

My biggest fear is aging and what may happen to me as my health starts to go downhill.  Here is a list of techniques I use to help manage the fear and anxiety that comes along with aging.

The first thing I do is exercise and eat a lot of healthy foods.  I like to take walks around the neighborhoods, lift weights, and try to stay in shape. I also try to watch what I eat. Its important to take care of yourself as we get older and you will be better able to deal with the effects of old age.

I always make sure I go to my regular doctor appointments to make sure that nothing is wrong with my health. A lot of things can be prevented if you get an early diagnosis. If you notice something is wrong don’t be afraid to go to the doctors. I realized that ignoring my health issues will not  make them go away by themselves.

I also try to  keep my mind active. I sometimes do some crossword puzzles or other thinking games to keep my mind sharp. The more you use your mind the better off you will be. I also try to learn effective ways to reduce the stress in my life. Stress is not good for you and it is important to know how to relieve it. There are counselors that you can talk to if you have trouble dealing with anxiety.

I  always to remain positive and avoid negative thoughts. I also like to read some self help books that have a lot of positive affirmations and statements. Reading these statements can help you to remain positive and replace negative thoughts.

I found that prayer is a great way to reduce the fear and anxiety as well. We are unable to control the events that may happen down the road, however God has the power to take care of you. It wouldn’t hurt to include God in your life and say some prayers occasionally. I find it is a great way to reduce stress and to remain positive.

In my opinion, the best thing to do is to make my peace with God. Eventually our health will fail and there is no getting around that. Knowing I have God in my life and knowing he will take care of me even after I pass away helps reduce my fears.

If you do not have God in your life, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to a priest or minister about how you can get to know God. For those of you who do not believe in god, then I recommend that you come to terms with your mortality the best way you see fit. Regardless of your fears, all of us will not live forever. Its just a fact of life that we need to come to terms with.

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