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Morning Shows: Helping Or Hurting Women’s Self Esteem?

Women comprise the largest audience of viewers for morning television in that coveted 18-54 demographic.

It’s the reason that the first half hour of hard hitting national news morphs into lifestyle segments for women.

Recently there was a story on a study conducted by Dove to determine how harshly women view themselves as opposed to how others see them.  The results were astounding. Most women had a far less favorable view of their looks, while others could see their beauty clearly.

Just as I pondered over the findings, the show followed up with yet another celebrity weight loss story. At this point in life if I had a nickel for every weight loss, diet or exercise routine I saw on television, I’d be independently wealthy.

I’ve followed Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts’ struggle with illness. As someone who is a cancer survivor, I am familiar with the ups and downs she faced everyday during her illness. Her attitude has been positive and life affirming.

The quest to be healthy is paramount, yet I’ve seen an increased focus on outward appearances. From scary skinny to the once hailed sexy curves of a now pregnant Kim Khardashian, I believe the shows are guilty of sending out mixed messages. On one hand, women should be happy with their curves. On the other they need to engage in constant mental mathematics (counting carbs, calories and fat). It’s no wonder that the number of women with eating disorders is on the rise across all age groups including forty plus.

With wedding season about to begin in earnest it’s time that we address our bodies with a real fashion approach.  I’d ask the morning shows to do the same. To be clear, I think if losing weight makes you feel good and improves your health, then go for it. Nevertheless, I feel morning shows have a responsibility to show both sides of the coin. Believe it or not there are happy curvy women who wouldn’t trade their life for rice cakes. The saying may be: you can never be too rich or too thin. Frankly, I think rich tastes better.

It’s time we see real women who are proud of their curves and aren’t waiting for a weight loss deal with one of the big weight loss companies. As for brides to be if you haven’t been sending Heidi Klum or Coco Rocha in as a stand in for you in bed at night, you are in good shape.

Let’s love those curves. He does.

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