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Is There A Rule Book For Second Plus Time Around Brides?

People love second helpings of a favorite meal or dessert and we’ve all heard the saying that the second or third time is the charm.

Yet many couples who are about to take their second walk down the aisle are faced with a rule book that says they can’t have bridal showers or request gifts. The reason being is since they’re not really new to marriage, they already have everything to start their lives together.

In the last 20 years, we’ve broken the only first time brides can wear white and a veil.  Some second time around brides take their cue from Madonna’s Like A Virgin and wear white without regret. I applaud them! I believe that love is love no matter what and you have the right to celebrate it any way you choose.

Recently, Ne Ne and Gregg Leakes re-tied the knot on “I Dream of Ne Ne” on Bravo which begins airing in September. They didn’t have a problem creating a bridal registry despite the fact they were married to each other before. Therefore, why should other couples  feel ashamed to do a bridal registry.

You are starting life anew. A clean slate should allow you to ask for a new toaster or a china set that’s more reflective of the couple’s style together and not remnants of past relationships. We have plenty of emotional baggage. Why bring physical baggage into a new relationship?

Finding love is hard enough the first time. Finding it again is truly a blessing to be celebrated and lauded.

Throw out the outdated etiquette books and have the wedding of your dreams, whether it’s a big blow out or a low key destination affair. Weddings are meant to be enjoyed.

Whether it’s cream, ivory, champagne, pink or even white, wear the gown that makes you happy. No one can take that away from you.  Besides blushing brides aren’t limited to first time brides.

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