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Curves and Couture Can Live Happily Ever After

As a wedding consultant, I have seen how full figured brides psych themselves out.

Many believe couture is something reserved for the rich and thin. However, this simply isn’t the case. Curves and couture make perfect partners and judging from the collections premiered at last October’s Bridal Market. The gowns went from the runway to the aisle in the sleekest and sexiest fashion. Real women have curves and designers aren’t afraid to embrace them. this weekend, it’s time to sound the bell. As long as it’s within your budget.

For many years you weren’t able to find a couture gown above a size 10. Now the bridal industry has realized that it’s missing out on the revenue curvy brides bring in.  The answer to that is based in the simple economics of supply and demand.

Curvy women have come a long way from basic stretchy pants and shapeless wedding gowns. We demanded more choice and we got it. Everyone from Michael Kors, Jones New York, Macy’s INC and The Limited to name a few now have fashionable plus size designs available online and in stores.

Why should it be any different for bridal gowns.

After all it’s the dress of a lifetime and we shouldn’t have to settle for what fits as opposed to what makes us feel like the queens that we are. Weddings represent personal red carpet moments. Everyone one from Hollywood royalty to up and coming starlets wouldn’t settle for anything less as   and seen on television by a billion people.  A wedding gown shouldn’t be limited due to our waistlines. Down That Aisle! The Definitive Guide For Curvy Brides is designed to help all women with curves find the dress of their dreams.

This is our Field of Dreams, if designers and bridal companies carry it, we will come. Nearly 74% of women are considered curvy. Moreover, of the 2.2 million of weddings in 2011 , 36% of the brides were curvy and the number is expected to show a significant rise in 2012. Now the wedding budgets are on the rise for the first time in 5 years. Therefore, whether it’s hair, makeup or skin care when it comes to looking our best, we don’t skimp so why should we settle when it comes to the dress.  .

Chamein Canton is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.