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Bridal Shoes: High Heels On The Stairway to Wedding Bliss

It’s been 15 years since Sex and The City changed the way women looked at fashion and particularly shoes.

We were introduced to Jimmy Choos, Manolos and Christian Loubitin. Who can forget the episode A Woman’s Right to Shoes when Carrie’s Manolos were stolen while she attended a Jack and Jill baby shower?

It’s not that high heels are new. They have been around forever. Once women realized that heels made their legs look longer and sexier, we were sold.

In the last twenty years or so the pursuit of high-end high heels has practically become a version of an urban shoe safari and once you’ve caught Manolos’ elusive Mary Janes, you’re officially a big name hunter.

Therefore it’s natural for brides to look for the sexiest and most fashionable heels for their wedding. Even if they’re wearing a gown with a semi-cathedral or cathedral train, what’s on their feet is just as important.

While I am all for a bride’s right to shoes there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Visit a reputable shoe store where they measure your feet and help you find a pair that fits.
  2. If you’re not someone who wears heels often, you’ll want to practice walking in whatever inch heels you want for your wedding. No one wants to see a bride shuffle down the aisle because she can’t walk in her shoes.
  3. Women who walk in heels regularly often buy them at least a half-size larger. Feet tend to swell as the day goes on. I recommend the same thing for brides. Buy a pair that’s a size larger. You will still be stylish and it makes allowances for swollen feet. This is your wedding. Don’t spend the day with your dogs barking at you. When your feet hurt the barking gets louder. You want to remember every moment of your big day not how much your feet hurt.
  4. Test out your walking savvy in the church, synagogue, temple or other ceremony location. You’ll also want to take a spin on the dance floor to get your sea legs so to speak.

In the end all that matters is that you feel good in your shoes no matter the label.

However, even though it’s been said the higher the heel the closer to God just make be sure your high heels don’t bring you closer to meeting God.

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