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Cues From Oscar’s Red Carpet For Your Red Carpet Moment

Well the award season is officially over.

The fashion police have put their red carpet awards and citations away until next year. However, as with many things, there were lessons to be learned from watching the stars and how they dressed for Hollywood’s biggest night of the year.

One of the themes I noticed was the use of gold (Meryl Streep, Halle Berry) bronze (Jessica Chastain), metallic (Naomi Watts) and metallic blue (Jennifer Hudson). I loved Charlize Theron’s white gown along with her stunning pixie cut, it was definitely one for the ages.

All these lovely ladies have the benefit of stylists and high-end designers to provide them with an assortment of gowns to choose from. In fact, most don’t have to step outside their home. They can take a simple trip to a posh hotel room or try options in the comfort of their homes.

The difference between them and a traditional bride to be is obvious.

Unless you are among the monied, you will likely travel to a bridal salon (large or small) to find the gown for your red carpet.

There are a few things that all brides regardless of size should keep in mind. There is a major difference between harsh fluorescent light, daylight, dimmed lighting and candle light. A dress that looks gorgeous in person may not photograph well. It’s important to bring a camera with you to take pictures in varying lights. You will know how the dress will look in your pictures since, unlike the Oscars, there isn’t another awards season in your future. And certainly we hope there isn’t another wedding in your future, unless it’s a vow renewal.

Many gowns had wonderful details and flourishes around the skirt or neckline. If this is something that you’d like to copy, make sure they stand out without overtaking the dress. The big trend of metallic, gold and bronze are all gorgeous. However, the trick is to know just how much detail to use and where. If you go for too much, you might as well put on a headband and roller skates to the tune of Disco Inferno.

The mantra for the day should be less is more.

Sometimes more is just more. It doesn’t make you look any more beautiful because you can afford to gleam like the heavens in crystals, but a little gleam goes a long way.

This brings me to my last point, the length. Don’t wear anything that overwhelms your body. Even the tallest girl can get caught up in too much fabric no matter how beautiful.  Sorry Jennifer Lawrence, but you did recover beautifully, by the way let’s give Hugh Jackman a hand for being such a helpful gentleman. They don’t make guys like him anymore. Lucky for his wife. 🙂

Bring shoes to your appointments in various heights to see what you can comfortably move in. The fit and flare gown is wonderful but leave enough room to stand up, sit down, dance and make a few trips to the ladies to touch up your face.

Your wedding is your personal Oscar ceremony with people you know and love. Make it beautiful, special and most of all make it memorable.

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