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Online Bridal Gown Buyer Beware!

A wedding gown is the purchase of a lifetime.

Many of us have dreamed of the perfect bridal gown so sweet it’s practically candy. Although shopping online has its advantages, there are a number of pitfalls that can cost you more than just money, it may cost the dream gown you thought you bought for a song.

Nearly 600,000 wedding dresses bought online are fake. Many brides have gone to these sites, ordered what they saw online and received something completely different. On March 14th, Good Morning America ran a story on why the bridal buyer must beware. Thankfully, The American and Bridal and Prom Industry have had these knock off sites taken down.

This doesn’t include the authorized bridal salons or bridal designer websites.

I encourage you to view the gowns as many pictures are straight from the runway during Bridal Market. However, it does bring the issue of shopping with the right information to help guide you through the process. It’s one of the many reasons I wrote, Down That Aisle In Style: The Definitive Guide For Curvy Brides. In addition to being a guide to help choose the right silhouette once you’ve determined  your body shape, it provides a glossary full of bridal terminology and illustrations. Harking back to the saying, forewarned is forearmed.

Additionally, it’s why Down That Aisle: The Bridal Concierge was conceived.

With two bridal and style experts, yours truly and Sheri Collins, the Curvy Stylist on your side, we are there to wade through all the gowns and provide you with personalized service to attain the gown that best reflects your style and achieves your bridal dreams.

Weddings are a celebration of romance. While curvy brides are our specialty, we work with brides of all sizes, including brides with disabilities (like me, who may use a crutch, cane or wheelchair) and those who have survived a catastrophic illness, like breast cancer. Our goal is to assist in finding gowns to make all women feel beautiful and comfortable on one of the most important and memorable days of her life.

I most certainly cannot help myself as I have combined a longtime love of weddings with writing romances. I’m working to get back on the shelves with love stories to inspire romance in your life and perhaps a walk down the aisle in your future for the first and/or first plus time or perhaps a renewal of why your love has stood the test of time.

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