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Did You Want a Trophy for that Competition?

Did You Want a Trophy for that Competition? Competitive nature bombards you and you likely compete with it all day long.

Don’t think you do? Think again. Are you hurrying against time moving to your next meeting? Getting ahead of that car in front of you? Pushing up the line for coffee? How could your life improve if you stopped competing with the ticks of time?

In the sound bite nation of fast paced micro-blipping information you can feel like you need to run, run farther, run fastest!  What has hurrying actually won for you? The competitive message comes from all directions — be faster, be better, be more efficient, and be more organized! The orders come at you like a drill sergeant’s barking, leaving you believing you must comply. What could you gain if you stopped competing?

Reality check: Time tick-tocks the same no matter how you race at it. You can’t ever change the speed at which it moves. You also can’t truly bend time’s actuality with your own belief that you’re a super power. It works the other way around. Time holds the remote. You can only alter your own perception of time. You can stop competing and your world will not crash. You will probably move through traffic at the same speed. Your coffee will be ready in the same amount of time without nudging ahead. You’re on the correct time for your meeting, or you were already late. Nothing can change that.

Is it time for you to decide if everything you do is a race that needs a trophy? Life will give you a few really good races. My advice, put you competitive energy towards giving those few competitions your best effort to win. The rest of the time stop competing and fill your life with more than a bit of meaning.

You can change how you act. You can remove your competitive nature and still reap a big win. Imagine your life without the rushing, viewing other people as not being in your way, no multitasking? How does that feel? A lot less stressed? A little more pleasure? If people are not seen as being in your way, you might actually see them as beings. Yes, they are other humans struggling against the same rat-racing as you. How would it feel to see smiles all the way to work? How would you be, smiling all day? Perhaps the best trophy for winning the race of your life is to stop competing for the chance to share your beautiful smile with another.


Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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