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Podcast: The Legacy of War In The Literary Process

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Podcast: The Legacy of War In The Literary ProcessJohn McAfee is a military veteran and author of three novels: Slow Walk in a Sad Rain, On Rims of Empty Moons, and his latest, Ropes of the Sun. John is dedicated to educating veterans on how writing can help deal with the trauma of war and its aftermath.

The Legacy of War In The Literary Process

  • How does putting traumatic events on paper help diminish their power?
  • Do many veterans avoid these memories?
  • How does avoidance hurt you in the long run?
  • Can a veteran’s literary legacy help the next generation of military personnel?
  • What’s the first step to writing your war story?

All three of his novels are available in Kindle and Paperback.

A portion of the proceeds from SlowWalk go to Horses for Heroesand Elder Heart Project, which are programs reintegrating Special Ops soldiers back into a working relationship with America through unique creative processes.

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