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Podcast: Being A Smart Patient

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Podcast: Being A Smart PatientRichard Lang is a retired attorney who calls himself a “professional patient.” Starting when he was 12 years old, he has had over 35 surgeries or invasive procedures He wrote Patient Confidential, Tips And Advice To Keep You Safe As You Navigate the Healthcare System, to share his experiences as a patient.

Being A Smart Patient

  • What misconceptions do people have about their own healthcare?
  • What are the three things patients need to know that can change their healthcare experiences?
  • Isn’t the hospital the safest place to be from a healthcare perspective, all those doctors, nurses, medications and instruments?
  • Why getting a second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment showing distrust of your doctor?
  • What effect do you think The Affordable Care Act will have on the patient experience?

Richard’s book, Patient Confidential, Tips And Advice To Keep You Safe As You Navigate the Healthcare System, is published by Motivational Press and is available in print and e-book formats. His blog, http://www.richardjlang.com, also provides information helpful to patients, with an emphasis on current developments in healthcare.

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